resin, paper, acrylic

12th of March

Displayed my resin casting on a white plinth, used bold lighting affects to enhance the piece and provoke mood. 

February, 2014

Image I designed to cast in clear resin, currently in the process of this and very excited for the finished result!

February 2014

Made in casting workshop at uni, using plaster alginate & clay in the process.


Made an account on this website which makes me able to sell prints, t-shirts, phones cases etc.. will be adding more work soon! 

Take a look if your interested :)


Within the Roses, hung, Jan 2014

Experimenting with image transfer onto fabric & the use of light.

Untitled, Project- Surfaces & Layers 2012-2013

Drawn with Faber-Castell pens

Inspired by Martin Creed, project uni set through summer